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Tips For Vehicles

A collection of helpful advice and practices to help different vehicles navigate the district's roundabouts

Roundabout Driving Tips

4 Simple Steps to Drive a Roundabout:

Step 1: YIELD – to vehicles, bikes and pedestrians already in the intersection (look left)

Step 2: RIGHT – IN to enter the roundabout

Step 3: RIGHT – OUT to exit the roundabout (look for signage to find your exit and don’t forget your turn signal)

Step 4: ROUNDABOUT (if you miss your turn, don’t panic – take a lap and try again!)

DO yield to vehicles and bicyclists already in the intersection as well as pedestrians at crosswalks DON’T come to a complete stop as you approach if the roundabout is clear
DO use your right turn signal when entering and exiting the roundabout DON’T use your left turn signal, there are only right turns in a roundabout!
DO slow your speed and stay in the driving lane DON’T drive on the truck apron or attempt to pass vehicles in the intersection
DO yield to emergency vehicles in or entering the roundabout DON’T stop in the roundabout, instead, exit the roundabout and then pull over when safe
DO give large trucks extra space in the roundabout DON’T be alarmed if trucks and large vehicles mount the central truck apron – that’s the purpose of the truck apron
DO “take a lap” around the intersection if you miss your intended exit DON’T stop or reverse direction in the roundabout