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Board Ethics' Training Procedures

1. Send an annual e-mail in January to the Board members and alternates requesting their ethics-training certificate:


Dear Agency Board members and Alternates:

All Board members, any Board-alternates and management staff of TAMC need to take at least two hours of ethics training at least every two-years and receive a certificate of completion. New Board members need to complete the training within one year of taking office.

AB 1234 requires specified elected and appointed officials to take ethics training if the officials receive compensation for their service or are reimbursed for their expenses. The basic requirement is two hours of training, every two years.   Please send a copy of the certificates of training for our records. 

 Trainings are offered by:

League of California Cities (916) 658-8257

Liebert Cassidy Whitmore (415) 512-3000

Institute for Local Government /   (online training available)

California Special Districts Association (877) 924-CSDA


Please see the Ethics Training certificate list attached to find out if you have a current certification on file.

 Please disregard this e-mail if your certification is current and you have already sent it to TAMC.

Thank you.


In January 2006, Assembly Bill 1234 required some 10,000 directors, trustees and other governing board members of California special districts, as well as city and county officials, to begin receiving ethics training. Recertification is required every two years. It may be time to renew your ethics training. This two-hour workshop covers general ethics principles and state laws related to: personal financial gain by public servants; conflict of interest, bribery and nepotism; gift, travel and mass-mailing restrictions; honoraria, financial interest disclosure and competitive bidding; prohibitions on the use of public resources for personal or political purposes; the Brown Act open meeting law and the Public Records Act. 

2.     Certificates are filed in the “Ethics Training Compliance” binder located underneath the desk of the Administrative Assistant at the front counter.

3.     Update the list on the P: drive at-P:\Administration\Credential Update\2007\Ethics Training  2007.doc with the names of the appointed elected officials and alternates and update the list as you receive the Ethics certificates.

4.     Send e-mail reminders as necessary.

5.     Trainings are offered by:

League of California Cities (916) 658-8257

Liebert Cassidy Whitmore (415) 512-3000

Institute for Local Government

California Special Districts Association (877) 924-CSDA