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Toro Park Cut-Through Traffic Project

The congestion on Hwy 68 occurs at the Torero Drive intersection. We believe that the proposed partial road closure will improve traffic flow and reduce the 20-minute queue many Salinas commuters experience each day. We are working with Caltrans to improve traffic signal operations. So you are being asked to reroute your trips towards Monterey Peninsula, but the traffic flow should be better that it is today. Based on travel time studies we conducted, the off-peak trip to the peninsula should take an extra 3-4 minutes, while a peak hour trip might add 7-16 minutes. We realize this hardship and are trying to identify a long-term solution that will reduce or eliminate this added travel time.

 Routing Details:

  • Existing overhead sign on Hwy 68 upstream of the Portola interchange (do we need another CMS on the shoulder?)
    • Torero Drive Closed
    • Stay on Hwy 68
  • Reservation Road north of Portola Drive
    • Torero Drive Closed
    • No Cut Thru Traffic
    • Use Hwy 68
  • Portola Drive at the Hwy 68 offramp (i.e., location drivers can get back on the highway)
    • No Outlets
    • Use Hwy 68
    • <<< 
  • Intersection of Portola Drive and Torero Drive (last chance to turn around)
    • Torero Drive Closed
    • No outlets
  • Note: I expect someone (me or County truck with flashing lights) to help direct traffic at Torero and Portola. A CHP should parked at Torero and Bravo Court.

We are all in this together and hope you understand the benefit of this project to your neighborhood. They invited TAMC to assist with this historic problem and this is what our Traffic Committee that included representatives from your neighborhood recommends as a pilot project that should be in place from July to the Fall. The pilot project is expected to be in place a week or two before school commences so that we can observe traffic and adjust accordingly. We will be monitoring traffic throughout the pilot project phase and gathering feedback from community members like you. At that time, we will review traffic data and have permanent solutions to review.